I am a mother and

For me all children are equal

It does not matter whether

You are a son or daughter.

What really matters is

How much you love your country

Can you even die

To save my boundary?

But, today you are being selfish

You are not working further

And if you work to little

It is all for you not for other.

Your wealth, your happiness

I know, this is what you are trying

And me, your mother can’t do

Anything except crying.

All I have been

Covered by evil

So what I want

You to be is

A good civil servant.

Pooja Rai, Class IX, Babylon National School, Kathmandu


When I ate Momo for the first time

I thought I committed a big crime

It was so hot and spicy

As if volcano has erupted in the sea

I told my aunt’s daughter

To get me a glass of water

She get down of her bed

And saw my face totally red

She ran in a great hurry

And dropped all the curry

She got scolding from her mother

And did not moved any further

Everyone there were so cool

I thought only I was a fool.

Shivani Agrawal, Class VIII, Modern Indian School, Kathmandu