The stars:

See the stars in the sky

Twinkling brightly all over

Notice them, where they lie

For they will lie there forever

I have seen them

Throughout my life

And will be seeing them

Till my end.

Niroj Bajracharya, Class VIII, Vidhya Sagar Secondary School, Banepa

Grandeur of Beauty:

I can’t look at the sun at dawn,

I can’t feel the rosy morning,

God you’re grandeur of

beauty failed,

And turned faint with no

more zest,

The shine in her eyes,

How you have made,

You must have spent an hour on it,

The charming face how u created,

The lovely looks how

u gave,

You must have gone insane,

When you first

saw it,

More than words

to praise,

There is in her eyes,

Silence and shyness,

And she is the one,

Really everyone wants to fall in love with,

Oh Lord! The grandeur of beauty you lost,

You know, you imparted it all on her...

Nabin, School of

Pharmaceutical and

Biomedical Sciences, Pokhara


We should obey and respect parents and teachers

We must not be cheaters

We should respect our seniors

And love our juniors

A disciplined person is

respected by all

Even though he is small

We should help each other

We should not fight with one another.

We should not make

others sad

We should not hate people who are mad

We should not throw stone at the poor

We should love them more.

Amshu Bhattarai, Class VI, Societal School, Kathmandu

Loving You:

I don’t need to follow

any rainbow

Or search the world to see my dream come true

I don’t need a lucky star to guide me

For I found my treasure in you

I don’t need to pray a prayer unanswered

Make a wish that will never come true

For I have found my

every answer

And my every wish is you

Now my greatest joy is in

loving you

The hope I lost was found and made a new

Now my lonely days are

finally through

For I have found my life in

loving you.

Ganesh Thapa Magar,

Harvard International

Academy, Kathmandu

Best friends:

My grief or happiness

I need a friend to share

More than human friends

Books I find more cheerful

Real friend helps them

When I am in need

Books enlighten me with truth

Which I require indeed

Library is the home for books

Where I find many friends

And from these friends

I get to know what is right and wrong.

Books are yours friends

Not just mine

Let’s make a promise

To sing “No tearing books” as a hymn.

Yugal Jyoti Nepal, Class IX, Kathmandu University High School, Dhulikhel


Teachers are the stars

Who brighten the future of students

Teachers are the gems

Who spread the light of reality

Teachers are the scholars

Who have deep knowledge of subjects

Teachers are the porters

Who teach students to think

And grow logical power

Teachers are good citizens

Who perform their duties with sincerity

Teachers are true friends

Who extend their hand

to remove

The flaws of the students

Teachers are path showers

Who guide the students on the right tracks

Teachers are the


Who are great lovers of learning

Teachers are rainbows in the sky

Who colour the dreams of students

Teachers are parents who guide children

Up the ladder of progress

Teachers are the endless sky

Whose thinking is wide

and high

Teachers are well-wishers

of students

Whose happiness lies in the student’s happiness

Teachers are really admirable

They are always concerned with the progress of students

Teachers are like Gods

Who bless the students

at all times

Prassanna Sharma, Class VIII, GEMS School, Lalitpur