Rapper takes the lonely road

Sanjeev Satgainya


The Rappaz Union was the foremost band in the country to mix rap in its mix of melodies and was quite popular among the rap and hip-hop listeners of the country. Now the founding member of the band Nirnaya — popularly known as Nirnaya ‘Da Naughty Soul Kid (NSK) — has come up with his first solo album ‘Ma Nepali NSK Style’, which was released on January 6 amidst a function at Plaza Hotel, Naxal.

Nalina Chitrakar, Prasna Shakya, Ayusha Shrestha, Mausami Gurung, Kunchan Moktan and Preeti Kaur — all of whom have figured in the songs in the album — jointly released the album. The album comprises eight songs and “Ma Nepali” is the title song of the album. As the title song suggests, most of the songs carry the soul of patriotism and Nepalipan. All songs are composed and written by NSK except “Timrai Lagi” which has been written by Sujana Duwal and composed by Rupendra Baidya and NSK.

Nirnaya said, “It’s my first solo album and as usual I have put my best effort to produce the album. The songs I have written are inspired by patriotism and our own rustic values that we are forgetting and apart from that I have tried to touch upon the grief and sorrow of our own people.” A highlight of the album is that Nirnaya has featured the best and most popular singers of the nation. Music videos of “Ma Nepali” and “Gaule Jiwan” were also shown during the release ceremony. While the music video of “Ma Nepali” is already popular in music channels, it was informed that “Gaule Jiwan” and “Suna” will be aired soon. The album is produced and marketed by Samjhana Audio Video.