KATHMANDU: The serene wintry afternoon atmosphere resounded with the mellifluous strains of Jazz music, while the modest crowd sat by the tranquil Amarawati garden, at the historical 1905 building. And as the warm music spread a seductive aura, it came as another pure reminder of the Jazzmandu festival that swept the entire nation off its feet. Indeed, with musicians like Cadenza, the music is still thriving and evolving with eloquence and style.

The concert at 1905 on January 28, which is reportedly their final live performance in Nepal before their performance at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival 2006 starting February 22 to 25, once again revived the memories of the Kathmandu Jazz Festival, etched perfectly in our memory.

The concert at 1905 featured Navin Chettri (vocals, drums), Rajan Shrestha (bass), Samir Chettri (congas, percussions), Binod Katuwal (bamboo flute), Bastian (keyboards), Mort Ostensen (guitar) and Mariano Aballa (alto saxophone). And when these musicians assemble, it’s just another treat to the music divine.

Chettri exulting about the upcoming performan-ce said, “We will leave a lasting impression on pe-ople who attend the concert and workshops.”