Rocking with 1974 AD


The honking of horns of vehicles stuck in jams, incessant flow of diverse foreigners and locals struggling past the busy narrow lanes, varied shops glowing with lights — Thamel was bustling as ever when you walked your way to the Maroon Lounge for the ‘Yamaha Gladiator Roxx with 1974 AD’ on August 17 evening.

As you made your way to the Lounge, you could see a bunch of youngsters crowding the entrance, waiting to get inside.

And inside the dimly-lit

maroon atmosphere, with the disco lights continually flashing on the dance floor, people looked in a good mood to the make the best of their night out and party to the tunes of the famous band. Mostly in groups, a few flaunting unique hairstyles, the music lovers were quick to crowd the lounge.

Although the guests had started coming from 6.00 pm itself, the concert began only after 8.30 pm. Nevertheless, the wait was worth the while as 1974 AD with a new bassist, rocked the crowd with their old and new hits. Among others, the popular patriotic number Yo Mann ta Nepali ho drew one of best responses of the evening.

“The concert was really nice, up to my expectation,” remarked visitor Prachanda

Shivakoti after the concert, which was organised by Yamaha Gladiator Roxx and managed by Friday Nepal. — HNS