SCHOOL TIMES : Desire for success

Success - just the word brings a smile to our face. Success is the secret to a better life and desires are the key to open such hidden treasures.

Today people seem to be more successful and live very luxurious lives. Thanks to great achievements made by science in the past few centuries. And, if we think about what made this possible then the answer would be people’s needs and desires. Great scientists, masterminds of that time, probably might have desired to do some good deeds for the world. After lots of hard work, they were able to achieve success.

Another important thing a person must have to achieve success is patience. Plato, a great Greek philosopher said, “Patience is the best remedy for every trouble.” So, although failure knocks us down on our way, we must not get demoralised. But we must be more attentive towards our work and learn from our mistakes to achieve our ultimate goal.

Desires are not bound to a limited area. It has no limitations. This universe is set open by imaginations and desires. As a result today we have been able to conquer the moon. So, to hit the bull’s eye, have big desires as it costs

no money.

— Orzo Raj Shrestha, Class X, AVM Higher Secondary School