SCHOOL TIMES : For a drug-free society

There are many organisations in Nepal that have been moving forward with the motto to remove drug addiction completely from our nation. One such organisation is D-Care Foundation. Former drug users and other related people are actively involved in the organisation.

On November 23, the D-Care Foundation held an interaction programme that involved active participation of all students above Class V, teachers, parents and the former drug users who are now on the way to recovery.

The programme began with a short introduction about drugs, its causes and consequences. Then, a former drug user explained to us why he got into drugs, what were its consequences and his feelings at present. I was quite shocked to know that once you get into drugs, it is very difficult to lead a normal life even if you go to a rehabilitation centre.

After that, some data about the drug users in Nepal were presented. Out of the total drug users in Nepal, 70,000 are hard drug users and 15-20 per cent of the total drug users are females. More than 50 per cent of injecting drug users already have HIV/AIDS.

A documentary about drugs titled The Fire was shown after the data presentation. Yuvraj Lama, chairman of D- Care Foundation, pointed out various reasons for drug addiction and how it entered Nepal. We saw interviews of doctors, people working at rehabilitation centre, ex-drug users and other related people.

Siddhartha Lama, author of Drugs and Drug Addiction as well as a recovering addict too, was interviewed. He listed that heroism, isolation, feeling of uniqueness, lack of self-control and bad company were the things that can allure a person into drugs. Some clippings of the trainings and treatment at the rehabilitation centre were also shown.

We were asked to talk about our views after the programme. It was a great opportunity for us to be aware of such issue. I feel that everyone should be made aware about the consequences of taking drugs before they get into it. Street children should also be

informed so that a large part of them who are already into drugs can be rehabilitated.

Don’t do drugs and make the country a drug free society!

— Shreya Jha, Class IX, The Imperial Academy, Samakhushi