SCHOOL TIMES : Joy of flying kites

Dashain is a major Hindu festival. People from far and wide come to spend time with their families during Dashain.

Besides the religious rituals and pujas and wearing of new clothes, flying kites is also a major part of this festival. And some of us have already started flying kites in anticipation of this great festival.

We used to see numerous kites dotting the skies weeks before Dashain. People would enjoy either flying the kites or watching the kites fly.

However, in the recent years the skies have remained almost vacant even during Dashain. Could it be because we are too busy spending our time watching tel-evision, playing games on the computer or busy chatting online? Are we also forgetting our culture in the process?

Flying kites has its own risks. One might suffer a nasty fall or get sun burnt. However, we should know how to be careful. But let us not forget the joy of flying kites. — Santosh Budhathoki, Class X, Gyan Shikha B School