SCHOOL TIMES : Rays of light

The LTS Club (Leadership Training Service) of our school had arranged a visit to the Manisha Singh Purna Navajeevan (MSPN). Five junior members and two senior members of the club visited children suffering from AIDS at MSPN. We took fruits for the children because other things like sweets would ruin their diet.

Naturally, we were quite excited to meet the children. Earlier we had gone to the institution during Dashain thus we could only meet eight or nine children as a lot of children had gone home. When we met them, most of them were too shy or scared. One of them even burst into tears when we asked her name. Nevertheless, the hesitating children soon opened up and began talking to us. We sat on the lawn and they all performed singing, dancing. Then we sat with them to watch a movie with them as they do every Saturday.

Before leaving we decided to see the classroom. The classroom was cosy and filled with lots of toys. The children showed us around and told us what they learnt in the classroom. Then there was a swing nearby and we played with them until it was time to leave.

The children and their parents looked so healthy and vibrant that it was impossible to think that they had AIDS. It is hard to think that those we had met during this visit might not be there the next time. Seeing them makes me think how lucky I am and how precious life is. Those children have no fault. They perhaps don’t even know. I think we all should love them and respect them to boost up their morale. 

— Rhea Gurung, Class IX, St Mary’s School, Jawalakhel