SCHOOL TIMES : Shuvatara:More than education

As I have come to the end of my school life I realiSe that I have received much more than just education from my school. My school, Shuvatara, celebrated 20 years of service on the March 16, 2009. A special programme was held on this day to celebrate the past 20 years. It started with prayers and songs by students of Lamatar, Sanepa and our sister schools, which left the crowd impressed.

We were honoured to have Chairperson of the Constituent Assembly, Subash Chandra Nembang as our chief guest. He said it was his first visit to the school and after listening to our principal, parents, teachers, staff, sister school students about the values Shuvatara stands for, he felt Shuvatara is just as beautiful inside as it looks from outside. He said the government should work with private schools such as ours to bring education to a higher level in our country.

Shuvatara has not only provided us with formal education but has also instilled in us values to help us be a better person. I spent more than a decade in Shuvatara and as I walk out of school this year, I do so not only with an SLC degree, but also equipped with confidence, independence and perseverance. From a careless and naughty child, I have grown into a graceful young lady with self-dignity.

The person I am now is because of my school. Shuvatara created a positive environment for studies as well as an atmosphere in which students learn about life, civilisation, our cultures and traditions and the patience needed to overcome difficulties that we will face in every step of our lives.

Our school is like a gardener that plants the seeds of wisdom in each student and lovingly nurtures it to blossom into a beautiful flower. It has not only helped its own students but also those of Jeevan Kalyan Kendra and its four community sister schools in Lamatar area.

As a student of Shuvatara, I have also learnt to help those in need and I know that there is much more to life than just me. I spent my childhood in Shuvatara, and it is now that I am about to leave that I realise Shuvatara has a purpose to its existence and that is to make this country a better place to live in.

Smriti Basnet

Class 10, Shuvatara School