SCHOOL TIMES : Yoga put me back on my feet

I remember a year ago one of my English teachers telling us about the importance of yoga. He never forgot to tell us that people who practised yoga are physically and mentally healthy. He also informed us that it could cure different diseases like cancer, high and low blood pressure, diabetes. But as a teenager I didn’t believe in all that he said.

However, I suffered a typhoid attack and had many other problems too. I couldn’t attend classes regularly. My parents took me to a hospital. Medicines were given to me regularly, but my condition was got getting better. I was so weak that I needed someone’s support to move from one place to another. I passed my time lying on bed.

As I had been absent for many days, my English teacher came for a visit to my place. He suggested that I watch the morning yoga programme and to practice yoga daily. Because of his strong belief in yoga, I decided to give yoga a chance. I felt very uneasy at first, but after I started doing it regularly, it felt very easy and comfortable.

After a few weeks my health improved.After recovery I felt very happy and my mind was also very alert, I also felt that my memory power was increasing day by day.Today, I am doing better than before in my studies. I believe that yoga can cure harmful and fatal diseases.

— Kejan Bajracharya, Class IX, Magus English School