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Looking for that perfect shade of blusher to compliment the diamond on your nosering? Look no further. Celebrated make-up artiste Sneh Rana is here with tips.

I am Surina Shrestha and I am 21 years old. I have doubts regarding some simple facial make-up. I would love to wear kajal and had actually bought one for myself recently but after a few hours of wearing it, it started running and my eyes and whole upper face would then become completely black. Can you please advise me to use some good brands of kajal since I do so love applying them? — Surina Shrestha

The more expensive the kajal, the longer it will last. Go for good brands like Lancôme’ Christian Dior’ or any oil based ones.

I love metallic colours but I always tend to go overboard with them. Where on the face do they really look best? — Sima Shrestha

Metallic colours look best on eyes. They look lovely as a sheer highlighter on cheekbones too but one should avoid it on lips. All colours look vibrant and beautiful in metallic so go for it.

I have deep-set eyes and I love giving them a smoky and mysterious look. But how do I achieve that effect? — Pratima KC

If you have deep set eyes then it’s best to use a lighter shade on your upper lid as compared to darker shades.

Hi! My problem is that every time I apply blush-on, I happen to apply too much of it and then end up having to wash my face. I really so love the “blushing beauty” look but am quite clueless as to how to manage it. Help! — Sophie

If you make a mistake while applying the blush, don’t wash your face, just moisten a sponge and gently dab your cheeks with it. This will dilute the colour and you can then start afresh.

How should a female professional put on her makeup on a daily basis, especially

at work? I am 23 years of age and busy, therefore, I don’t feel like going for facials

and other protracted skincare and toiletry patterns and methods. Could you give me some tips for glowing skin as I have combination skin? — Sonal

At work your makeup should be minimal. A slight foundation, which will protect your skin from the harsh office lights, sunlight and air condition, would be a good choice. This should be followed with eyeliner, preferably brown, a slight blush and a neutral colour lipstick. For a glowing skin you need to exercise, eat a healthy diet and, last but not the least, not stress yourself too much with work.

Since the age of 20 I have been using pale glosses and neutral colour makeup.

I’m 30 now; do you think that at long last, I need a change in image, get-up and makeup? — Geeta Mishra

Women over 30 need to be careful about not ending up looking too pale and washed out. You need colour in your makeup. It does not have to be red or pink, but be daring.

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