Shakira gets sexier with age

LONDON: Shakira is determined to continue making raunchy videos - because she has a new found confidence since hitting her thirties.

The stunning singer donned a flesh-coloured leotard to writhe around in a cage in the video for latest single She Wolf.

The 32 year old is convinced her confidence to film the sexy scenes are down to her age.

She says, "We all have our own insecurities but I used to have more of those days in my twenties.

"I found nothing satisfied me and I just wanted to hide from the world. You should always make the most of what you've got and I think I've tried my entire life to figure that out. Now I feel a lot more comfortable in my own body.

"I wouldn't have made a video like She Wolf when I was younger, that's for sure. Now you never know what could happen with them."