Sherlyn veils her protest


Upcoming actress Sherlyn Chopra attended the music release function of her forthcoming film Game dressed in a burqa to protest against the makers of the film who refuse to accept her new name.

“My earlier name, Mona Chopra was associated with a couple of downmarket films. Now, I am Sherlyn Chopra and Sherlyn does only classy films,” said Sherlyn. “While I’m trying my best to change my image by signing the right projects, it pains me to see that the makers of Game simply refuse to change my name from Mona to Sherlyn in the title credits, posters, brochures and all other publicity material.

“The makers requested me to attend the music release. But at the same time, they were adamant not to use my new name in the publicity material. These are double standards. I did not want to turn down their umpteen requests, so I decided to be there without showing my face. This is a silent protest to make them realise my point,” Sherlyn added. When some mediapersons pointed out that she may invite the wrath of the Muslim community by wearing a burqa, Sherlyn shot back: “I have worn a burqa off and on since I was kid. My mother wears a burqa often.”

Sherlyn is half-Muslim and half-Christian with Persian origins and a Punjabi surname.