Sir Cliff keeps enigma alive


Sir Cliff Richard has said that he will continue to baffle people raising fingers on his sexuality and his 67-year-old bachelorhood.

The legendary singer told BBC that he realised his restraint from the marriage institution made him a constant topic for speculation and that he intended to keep it that way because he did not care.

“I know but I don’t care, that’s the thing. I will die with things in my head that I don’t want to share with other people,” the Daily Express quoted him as saying.

The Brit, who had been knighted in 1995 for his tremendous accomplishment during his 50-years in show business, further said that people’s curiosity about his personal relationships only added to the “enigma after all these years”.

He said, “This year has been a huge watershed in my relationship with the press. I’m an enigma and I love it. I love that after all these years they still don’t think they know everything about me.” — Agencies