Sneh’s Secret : Battle blues with colour

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I hear it is bad to sleep with make up on.

Is it true?

— Suniana Agarwal

Yes, you should never sleep with your makeup on as it will block your pores which can cause breakouts. Your skin needs to breathe so by removing your makeup before going to bed, you will wake up without clogged pores and troubled skin.

I wear hazel contact lenses when I go out in the evenings, could you tell me which colour eye shadow will suit this eye colour?

— Mohini Rana

Wear colours that are brown based, so that it will make your eye colour stand out. I suggest sticking with brown-based eye shadows. Shades of red-brown, plum, peach or orangier brown shades will bring out the colour of your eyes.

Be it summer or winter my lips are always chapped, so I have been using Vaseline and lip gel. But this has left my lips dark and black and looks very bad. What can I do about it? Do I stop applying these lip gels?

— Sweeti Rajbhandari

If your lips have become dark then you can put some concealer on your lips before applying lipstick so that your lips get slightly lighter. Sleep on time and drink lots of water to prevent lip chapping and continue applying Vaseline, preferable with a UVA protector.

My skin is very tanned and I would like to know what kind of lipstick would suit my complexion? Any suggestions?

— Sona Shrestha

I would advise you to stay away from pale colours like pale pinks. You can wear reds, pinks, oranges and bronzy colours, try and avoid pastels. Keep your make up light, shimmery or dewy and play up your lips for the evenings .For an everyday look, I would go for just a gloss on your lips.

My name is Jasmine and I love applying lipsticks but somehow I end up eating them along with the food. How do I keep my lip colour intact?

Try out the new shades that have come out in Revlon, they are long lasting lipsticks which last for eight hours and are good for the lips. You can get them in any leading departmental store.

The prize for the best question this week goes to Mohini Rana.