SNEH;S SECRET: Face first

Many people take their skin for granted. The skin needs to be kept clean as much as possible and needs to be protected from sunlight. The skin of the face needs more attention than the rest of the body.

Here are the four basic and essential steps for the skin care routine.

Cleansing: You must clean your skin and pores to remove dirt, dust, impurities and excess oils. Cleansing will remove old makeup and the grime and grease that have accumulated during the day. The natural way to clean your skin is to wash your face with lukewarm water or use a gentle face cleanser. Do not use soap, as this will strip the natural moisture from your skin leaving it feel very dry and tight.

Toning: By toning your skin after cleansing, you remove all traces of dirt, makeup or cleanser that has remained after makeup. It helps improve the blood circulation and helps the skin tissues to remain tight and firm. You should avoid toners if your skin is dry, as it will dry out the skin; it is best for oily skin.

Nourishing: A good nourishing cream should be used to keep the skin smooth and supple. Nourishing your skin will help to maintain the natural oil of your skin and look lively. You can use different vitamin creams also.

Moisturising: As our face is exposed to the drying effects of various weather/climates, we need to moisturise our face. By moisturising it we give our skin a real look to regain its lost gloss. As one gets older one requires more moisturising. It is best to moisturise just after a bath.