Song for a cause

Himalayan News Service


Susanna released her first single music video "Shanti Ko Sandesh" at Martin Chautari on June 18. The song is written, composed and produced by Susanna features Axis as the back-up band. This music video aims to raise awareness about children caught in conflict in Nepal. The song speaks about the harsh reality of the present scenario of the country, the effect of which has the children suffering the most. According to Susanna, "The song and the music video is not condemning anyone for the condition the children are in today but it is a voice to raise awareness among the people above all especially the ones who are in power to do something before it is too late for the benefit of the innocent children."

Amrit Gurung, front man of Nepathya informed, "This is an awareness video and the attempt made by Susanna is praiseworthy." At the premiere various other experts such as Bhola Dahal from Save the Children Norway, Rubina from CWIN spoke on children who were caught in armed conflict. Susanna said, "This video was born from the belief that it is not necessary to have power or to wait for a politician to make a difference. Every one from their walk of life can help make a difference however small. We have in our own little way tried to make a difference. A purely personal venture for peace, as we launch this video we hope to awaken the conscience of our fellow Nepalis for the sake of our children and for the sake of our future. We, as responsible and aware citizens should play a part in the peace process in our own way. Let us let our children live their childhood in peace and happiness." The music video is directed by Maya Video Productions and both the song and video is very effective. It will soon be aired on the channels so watch out!