Believe it or not, pieces of white paper turned into the dollars when the world-class Bangladeshi magician Jewel Aich poured out his magic at a show organised at Hotel Radission on March 26 by the Embassy of Bangladesh to celebrate the 38th National Day of Bangladesh. The magician performed around 20 tricks, which made the audience go “Wow!”

Minister for Foreign Affairs Upendra Yadav, and Bangladeshi ambassador Imtiaz Ahmed jointly inaugurated the programme by cutting a cake in the shape of the map of Bangladeshi.

Ambassador Ahmed expressed his gratitude towards Nepalis for the support they had shown in liberation of Bangladesh in 1971. He also wished the magic-show to be a magical event in strengthening the relations between Nepal and Bangladesh.

Being a gifted flautist too, magician Jewel used even this skill of his much to his audience’s surprise and excitement. He suspended a lady in mid air with the help of his flute. Don’t ask us how he did it!

Even the card tricks were very interesting as those did not fail to astonish the three volunteers from the audience. The three were asked to select a card each. Then the lady was asked to shuffle the cards along with the ones the others had selected. The magician then pretended that his magic had gone wrong for three times showing three wrong cards, but surprised all as he picked all three cards seleced by the volunteers in the beginning.

Another breathtaking act was the carrot-chopping act. A man was asked to place his neck in the middle of a gullitone, which had three vertical holes — two small holes on the upper and lower part of the chopper, and a big hole in the middle. The magician kept two carrots in the upper and lower holes while the man placed his neck in the middle. Then the magician mercilessly worked on the chopper, but to the surprise and relief of all, the carrots in the upper and lower holes were chopped while the chopper passed by the man’s neck even without a whisper of a scratch to chop the carrot in the lower hole.

All in all, the audience could not hold themselves from cheering for the magician who had completely astonished them.