SRK unfazed by Aamir’s dog blog

MUMBAI: The battle of the blogs has just intensified, what with Aamir Khan proclaiming that he has a dog named Shahrukh. The unflattering comment has sent shock waves through the film industry, but Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is unfazed, saying humorously that it marks a new trend.

Commenting on the whole episode, Shah Rukh said, “Earlier people used to name their children after famous people. Somebody naming a dog after a known person is a new beginning in that direction. I don’t have a copyright over this name if used non-commercially.”

The superstar, who owns the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders, is right now busy with IPL matches.

However, a close friend of the superstar on promise of anonymity vented his unhappiness.

“Aamir’s megalomania has been brewing for a while. Earlier, he declared himself No1 as compared to SRK, who took it smilingly. Now Aamir is down to street-level provocation. It’s best for Shah Rukh to ignore these efforts to get his attention.”

Says a very popular character-actor, who has worked with both stars, “I guess the freedom provided by a blog tends to loosen tongues. Amitabh Bachchan has never been known to be this undiplomatic as he is on his blog. Aamir must have thought it’s time to increase the odds, what if Amitji’s blog gets more eyeballs! Also, his nephew’s film is around the corner. During the release of Taare Zameen Par Aamir created a controversy by taking on Amitji and Black. Now for the nephew, it’s Shah Rukh being called a dog.”