Stay fit : In good taste


We all like snacks, but healthful, good-tasting snacks aren’t always easy to find. Most are filled with fat and non-nutritious calories and don’t offer much beyond a quick jolt of sugar. I recommend that adults have only one snack a day, either mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

Eating in moderation at breakfast, lunch, and dinner should provide the nutrition you need to fuel the day and a small snack can supplement these meals, if needed. In order to be prepared, determine early in the day that you will stay away from the fat and calorie-loaded snacks that are so handy at the store. Cut up fresh fruit and vegetables ahead of time and keep them handy for snacking. Try partnering vegetables with great tastes, such as Fresh Vegetable Avocado Dip or a lowfat prepared spread. Opt for low-sodium, whole-wheat crackers and string cheese, graham crackers and low fat peanut butter, or a sliced banana and a cup of lowfat, fruit- flavored yoghurt. Even the old fashioned eggs and bacon with the occasional homemade confection is acceptable. When you have a few minutes to prepare special snacks, consider Mix with a Kick, Super-Quick Pizza, or Caliente Corn Chips for a fun change of pace. The recipes in this chapter include salsas and spreads to add to your favorite vegetables, fruits, breads, and crackers. And, if you want to really add some spice to your snack life, offer Hot Pepper Shooters as a surprising crowd-pleaser!