Stay fit: One for the road

Sure, you’re leaving your treadmill behind — but you can still stay fit away from home. Here are easy ways to keep in shape on the road:

Loosen up along the way:

Getting there can be part of your fitness routine. Pack a small tape recorder to play your favourite exercise tape.

Know your options:

Find out if the hotel has a health club or pool. Always take advantage of a pool as swimming is excellent aerobic exercise: non-impact but a good work-out because water is resistant. If your hotel doesn’t have fitness facilities, can they direct you to a local gym or health club?

Exercise in your room:

Bring lightweight stretch bands, for bicep and triceps curls or extensions. Pack compact nylon ropes, for stretching they’re especially effective for hamstrings and quadriceps.

Take the stairs instead of the escalator; decline the golf cart so you can walk the fairways.

What kind of trip is it?

Business travel often means sitting through lengthy meetings, which may even include meals served at the same site. Be sure to get up and move as much as possible before, during and after each meeting. It’s vital to make time to stretch and to burn some calories, on any business trip.

But vacations are different. You may get far more exercise than you think from constantly walking around while sightseeing. Consider how much more you actually need to work out each day, she advises clients.

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, stay loose, get some exercise — and have a good trip!