Stepping stone to success

Life is not just a filler between birth and death. Neither is it something to just live and enjoy. It has a deeper meaning.

Some call it a burning candle, some think it is a play where all of us have our own part to play.

But I think life is all about success and struggle. Life would become easy when the things we expect works out for us. But it is not that way. Success does not glide in our lives. We must struggle hard to be successful.

Comparatively love is easy to get, but success lies in spreading that love and happiness. It is best to give happiness to others than give them misery.

But, it is not possible for all to become successful. But that should not discourage them. Failure is a stepping-stone to success. Here are a few tips to step on the stone of success:

• Take inspiration from a successful person

• Improve the talent that you have been gifted with

• And keep trying