Sunshine was easy: Elijah Wood

LOS ANGELES: For Elijah Wood, making ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ was much easier than any of the ‘Lord of The Rings’ films because he didn’t have the same kind of challenges. “You’re not in one place for 16 months working on a giant epic in various odd weather conditions, and big hobbit feet to apply every day,” Wood told recently. He has a supporting role in the new film, which stars Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey as Clementine and Joel, an unhappy couple trying to erase one another from their minds literally. Wood’s character Patrick tries to woo Clementine using under-handed tactics.

“The heart of Patrick is this kind of sad pathetic guy (who) doesn’t have any confidence really in himself and doesn’t know about getting a girlfriend in the normal sense,” he said. “I find him to be more endearing than creepy.” Wood said the character is very different from his character Frodo in the ‘Lord of The Rings’. But no matter which character he plays, Wood knows he won’t ever escape that role. “It’s going to be part of my life forever. It’ll be referenced till the end of my days, so that’s all right,” he said. — AP