The Winner stumbles

The Winner

Genre: Suspense, Action

Director: Hikmat Bista

Cast: Mahesh Man Shrestha, Malina Joshi and Manchin Shakya

Being screened at QFX Cinemas


The Winner is a story of Ryan (Mahesh Man Shrestha) — celebrity bike racer living in Sydney, Australia. He has never lost any race. Regardless, he is into drug smuggling for Sydney-based businessman Royal Rana (Royal Maskey). Royal’s sister Jennifer (Reshu Tamang) is a fan of Ryan. At a bike launch event, Ryan and Jennifer meet and fall in love. When Royal finds out about the affair, he devises a set-up against Ryan. But, Ryan runs away to Dubai.

The film has been featured in Sydney, Dubai and Nepal but none of the scenes are spectacular. Moreover, the racing scenes are a copy from Hollywood blockbuster Fast and Furious, in which the film has immensely failed.

In the beginning of the film, Ryan in motorbike race suit competes in a famous bike racing competition in Sydney — it lacks authenticity as it is not known if Ryan is riding the bike.

In Dubai, Ryan loses Jennifer to Royal’s gang members. Then, he comes to Kathmandu to save his life. But he is attacked here too, this time by Manchin (Manchin Shakya), a don. He is on the revenge mode for which he uses Sneha (Manila Joshi) to lure Ryan. In the mean time, Royal comes to Nepal and strikes a deal with Manchin to kill their common enemy.

The story line is fresh and unique but the screenplay of the film is weak. Shrestha has written the film’s story and the suspense element is kept intact till the end. This is the only good part of the film. Otherwise, The Winner is very inauthentic.

Actors’ performances do not help the film much — the acting of all actors is average. And the dialogues written for them are poor and the dialogue delivery is even worse. Rather the songs Priye Chhau Timi Saath and Mayako Baat Lagyo — Amit Shrestha’s composition — entertain you in the film.