Thru an artist’s eye

Ragini Upadhayay Grela is known as much for her elaborate tikas as her paintings. And this artist also knows how to add colour to her weekends

I am usually busy throughout the week, so I like to stay at home and spend time with my daughter on weekends.

We usually go swimming on Sundays, or sometimes we go outside the Valley as it helps in relieving the tensions.

My husband is mostly out of Kathmandu and whenever he is here we try to make it special. My most memorable weekend with him was the time we had gone to a farmhouse in Nagarkot. It was such a lovely place, and a wonderful experience.

As an artist, I think we are like alcoholics — the craving for a beautiful painting is always there.

The perfect day for me would be one when I sit down to paint and nothing is working out, and suddenly some beautiful painting is created.

The happiness you get is probably the most cherished moment for any artist.