THT Talkies: Let the Mummies rest

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Genre: Action/thriller

Director: Rob Cohen

Cast: Brendan Fraser, Jet Li, Maria Bello, John Hannah, Michelle Yeoh, Luke Ford and Isabella Leong


The third installment of The Mummy is nothing like the two prequels. Movies like these rarely make to the cinema halls because midway they either get shelved or the actors themselves get confused about what they are doing and actually leave.

Everyone who has watched the Mummy series since its first installment in 1999 and has loved the whacky and fast paced adventures of Rick and Evelyn O’Connell, will be super disappointed to find that the movie is nothing like what you had expected. Seriously, how could Rob Cohen, who has XXX and Fast and The Furious under his belt, come up with such a badly scripted, directed, edited and presented movie? The two earlier Mummies at least kept you in your seat and made you chuckle at a few scenes, but this Mummy fails.

The movie begins with evil Emperor Han (Jet Li) of China wanting to become immortal and conquer the world. He seeks help from a beautiful sorceress Zi Juan (Michelle Yeoh). She helps him but he tricks her and kills her lover forcing her to be his queen. But Juan curses the Emperor and his armies leaving them to become mummies. After 2000 years, in late 1940’s, Han’s tomb is discovered by Alex O’Connell (Luke Ford), a college dropout and son of legendary archaeologists Rick (Brendan Fraser) and Evelyn (Maria Bello). As expected one thing leads to another and the super adventurous couple, who are leading a super boring retired life, get into their Indiana Jones-inspired outfits to save their son’s a$$.

The Emperor comes back to life and wants to reach the hidden magical land Shangri-La where he will not only get immunity but also some weird supernatural power. But the pond of magical immunity is guarded by Juan and her daughter Lin (Isabella Leong) who have sacrificed their immunity to protect the pond and stop him.

There is no spark between Fraser and Bello (who replaces Rachel Weisz). Bello fails to capture the attention and actually blends with the surrounding. Fraser is good, but he just could not get it right this time, and does not from any angle look like the father of a college going son. The father-son duo look almost the same age.

And again Hollywood has wasted the talent of Jet Li by casting him in a movie where he is barely there for half hour. At the same time, the immensely talented Yeoh has also been misused. Even the fight scenes between Yoeh and Li are a big disappointment.

The fight sequences and special effects are stale offering nothing new.

All in all, it’s the buttery popcorn that’s most enjoyable.