Trends 007

New Delhi:

While greys, pinks and lace are set to dominate wardrobes in 2007, the natural look will be preferred as far as make up goes, say fashion gurus.

According to designer Priya Kataria, both knee length and long dresses will be in fashion in 2007. “The palette will offer hues like greys, off-whites, beiges, rose pink and other shades of pink,” she says. “This season, people would like to go for well-styled dresses rather than going for jeans and tops. The year 2007 will bid goodbye to heavy embroidery but laces will be more than welcome,” Kataria said.

Pooja Arya, also a fashion expert, says the coming year may bring back the retro trends of the 1930’s and 1940’s. “People will either opt for straight fit skinny pants or very flared full pants. Buttoned skirts and exaggerating silhouettes will make a come back. Minimal to smaller prints will be in vogue and a lot of geometry will rule this season,” Arya predicts.

The designer believes there will be unconventional combinations like metallic juxtaposed with rough denim and sporty clothing contrasted with glitter.

The season will favour sequence work but not much of traditional embroidery.

“A lot of funky jewellry will be teamed with casual wear. Hats, scarves and big bags will be happening this season.” Yellow gold and diamonds will continue to dominate the jewellry trends, according to jewellry designer Alpana Gujral.

“Long pendant necklaces, wide cuffs, chunky bracelets and slim chains around the waist will be seen on ladies this season.” Gujral admits that individual choice will reign supreme but contemporary designs would be apt for everyday wear while traditional jewellry goes well for special occasions. She said that international designs too are likely to have an Indian influence.

“In 2007, coloured stones are the ones you should hop on to while white gold is the metal you should stay away from,” Gujral remarks.

Well-known hair and make-up expert Shahnaz Hussain feels natural long hair and soft curls will definitely be in.

“For women, straight hair with broken texture or jagged edges is out. The more natural look will be back with plenty of movement — more flowing and with a look of ease. Long hair with cascading waves and curls with softer look will be in,” Hussain says.

She adds, “For special occasions, one section of hair pinned up with glamourous accessories and the other left loose will be in fashion. During daytime, hair tied in a low ponytail, with ribbons hanging loose and velvet bands will make a comeback.”

For short hair, the slightly tousled look is predicted. Not harsh or obviously structured, but a careless and casual look will be in. The uniform curls, or straight cuts will be out and a soft and natural layered look will be trendy.

As regards hair colour, subtle and natural highlights will be in vogue, according to Hussain.

The natural look will dominate make-up trends as well.

“The dewy look will be in for the younger lot. Light tinted moisturisers will find favour rather than foundation for both day and night,” says Hussain. The expert advises that less mascara be used in eye make-up and colours like browns, burgundy and purple, with a smudged and smoky look, be used for lining the eyes. “For eye shadow, purple tones will be popular — like lilac, mauve and purple itself.”

Frosted sheen, or shimmer will stay popular for the lips. Lip liners will match the lipstick — there will be no obvious line around lips. In lipsticks, red and shades of red will make a comeback. “Colours like lilac, mauve and rose will find favour for the day. Orange will be definitely out. For the night, bright metallic colours should be in.”

As for nails, pinks are a complete no-no and dark colours like burgundy and chocolate brown will help make a style statement.