We wanna vote too


The major topic of conversations in Biratnagar these days is none other than the golden voiced boy from Darjeeling Prashant Tamang. So much so that not only is he just relegated

to talks over tea, the youth of Biratnagar are so eager to see him crowned the next Indian Idol that they going about doing a number of things to see this dream of theirs materialise.

Prashant, a 21-year-old boy of Nepali origin from Darjeeling, has made it to the Top 10 list in the popular reality talent show Indian Idol. This is the first time that someone of Nepali origin has made it thus far in the talent show based on American Idol.

The members of Paila Club here organised a welcome programme at the Jana Andolan Chowk in Prashant’s name. At the programme, participants demanded that Nepal Telecom manage SMS voting system for the Indian Idol (read Prashant) from Nepal too.

“All Nepalis are happy with Prashant’s success, but I am sad because I am failing to vote for him either by SMS or Internet,” said Binod Bhattarai, a member of the club.

He added, “Prasant is the glory of all Gorkhalis.

We should get a chance to vote for Prasant by SMS from Nepal.”

However, some of Prashant’s die-hard fans are not letting anything stand in their way of seeing him win the title. They have travelled to Jogbani, India and have managed to SMS their votes in favour of Prashant.

“I sent an SMS vote in Prasant’s name from Jogbani,” said Pankaj Ghimire.

Youngsters also staged a rally and organised a signature campaign. The signatures will be sent to Prasant’s home in Darjeeling, said the organisers. Over 10,000 signatures were collected today itself.

It’s not just the youngsters who are rooting for Prashant. One can see rickshaw wallahs plying their rickshaws that have Prashant’s photo fixed to the front of their vehicles. Even they have requested all to vote for Prasant.

For now no one will be voting for Prashant as the lines will be busy with people

voting for the wild card contestants.