What does your writing say about you?

Here’s a test to see what your handwriting says about you. To take this test, please write the following paragraph as you normally would, and keep the paper in front of you so that you can answer the questions.

Remember, there are no wrong answers! You should write out this paragraph first to have a sample of your handwriting to check.

I saw the purple people eater say, “You and your silly reading monkey do not go home from the zoo!” It was the strangest day. I didn’t know people eaters could talk so well. At least that silly monkey was reading a good book.

1. How would you say your letters slope?


Straight up and down?


2. Are the letters in your words

Fully connected, with clear breaks between the words?

Partially connected, depending on the letters?

Unconnected, like


3. Between words, do you leave

Wide spaces?

Narrow spaces?

No spaces — words are connected, pen doesn’t leave paper?

4. How close together are your lines of writing?

Very far apart?

Apart far enough that the letters do not touch?

Close enough that the descenders (like y and g) of the top and the ascenders (like h and t) of the bottom overwrite each other?

5. What color ink did

you choose? (If you used another color, which of these three would you




Light Blue

6. How large was your capital I in the sample?

Larger than the other capital letters

About the same size as the other capital letters

Smaller than the other capital letters

7. What do your t bars look like? (The crossbars on your letter t) They tend to be to the left of the stem of the tThey cross the t more or less in the middleThey tend to be to the right of the stem of the t

8. Does your writing Slope upward on the page?

Go straight across the page?

Slope downward on the page?

9. Which takes the most space vertically in a line of your writing?

The ascenders? (the tops of t and h)

The middle zone? (letters like a and e and n)

The descenders? (the bottoms of j and y and g)

10. How much pressure does your writing show?

Fine and spidery?

Firm and even?