Where we learn

In Kathmandu there is a school that provides free education to the underpriviledged children from places like Dolpa, Jumla, Humla, Mustang, Manag, Soluk-umbu and Tibet, among others. The name of the school is Snowland Ranag School.

There are 165 children studying in the school, which was founded by a monk named Rinchen Rinpoche from the Dolpa region. He established the school realising the importance of education in the dedevelopment of the Himalayan region.

The ages of the children range from three to 17 years. For the children Kathmandu is a new and mysterious world. Everyday is a new day to learn new things.

The school has been able to run due to the generous donations from kind people. The school means nothing to us but for the children here it is like heaven where they can fulfil their dreams.