Woman behind the ramp

Why did you choose this career?

I was a creative person since my childhood. I was artistic too… so I thought this would be the best career for me to prove myself. I love challenges and I guess in some way or the

other this profession is very challenging as there is lots of competition.

What are your strengths as professional?

I look into what my clients want. I give what they need

at the same time I advice

them on the colour and the

texture. So I guess that is my strength as a professional.

What are your career goals?

As a fashion designer, I would like to promote our local textile in the international market. So that is my goal for now.

Any word of advice to young aspirants…

This is a lucrative career and has a good future if one can work hard and provide original designs to their customers. This field is vast and there is opportunity to prove oneself at every step.

What makes a good designer?

Originality. This is the main attribute of a designer. Taking inspiration from others is not bad but then there has to be originality in the design. That is what makes a good fashion designer.