World of movies

Everyone knows the word ‘movie/s’, even those in the remote villages of Nepal. Everyone loves watching movies or films or cinema and it is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. We can watch movies in theatres or buy CDs, DVDs and watch it at home.

Most of us love watching movies during our free time.

A few movies help us to gain knowledge and creativity, while others are just for entertainment. However, we should be careful about the kind of movies we watch because some are good, some are bad and some are vulgar. We have to be very choosy and selective in watching movies. Movies are stories except for documentary films. They are categorised into emotional, action, comedy among others. We find beautiful songs in movies.

Hindi movies are watched by many Indians and Nepalis. I have found that many people are crazy about movies and the characters in films. They are ready to watch the same movie 20 times or even more.

I liked Hindi movies like Fanna, Umrao Jaan, Baaghban, and English movies like Titanic, The Parents’ Trap, The Gods Must be Crazy, Jumanzi, and lots more.

Serials like Mahabharata by BR Chopra, Ramayana, Shree Krishna and presently running Shiradi Sai Baba are the most watched serials. My thirst to watch these serials never quenches.