Foreign Minister Narayan Khadka has said the country's foreign policy depends on domestic state of affairs.

"Domestic politics with unity can create a solid base for effective foreign policy," Minister Khadka observed.

Foreign policy is in fact a mirror of domestic affairs, he said, adding, "Some of our relations are not clear.

This happens when emotion/sentiment overrides diplomacy."

The minister said this while addressing a greetings exchange programme organised by International Relations Committee of the House of Representatives today.

Moreover, he said diplomacy overridden by emotion does not result in positive impact. Diplomacy without understanding reality is not manageable. So, balanced approach is imperative, according to him.

The minister pointed out the need to prioritise national interest, independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and world peace while guiding diplomacy.

The change in policy as per change in government is wrong, he observed.

"National interest is not specific to any party, but a common agenda," he argued, adding that issues such as the Millennium Challenge Corporation need to be sorted out soon by forging national consensus among political parties.

He also asserted that discussion, consultation and the address he had at UNGA recently took the country's image high.

A version of this article appears in the print on October 7, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.