Activists seek Consumer Court


Forum for Protection of Consumer Rights Nepal has suggested that the Constituent Assembly ensure a provision of Consumer Court and Consumer Protection Commission through the new constitution.

“We would like to suggest the CA to make a separate provision of Consumer Court and Consumer Protection Commission, which this Forum has long demanded to safeguard the interest of consumers,” reads an excerpt of the suggestion sent by FPCRN to the CA through CA Chairman Subas Nembang for necessary revision in the preliminary draft of the Constitution of Nepal, 2015.


FPCRN has said several countries around the world which promulgated constitution after 1990 had made a provision of Consumer Protection Commission in their main law to safeguard the interest of consumers. “Though the preliminary draft of the constitution has mentioned ‘Specialised Court’ in Article 131, ‘Consumer Court’ is missing. Therefore, we suggest that the CA Chairman add the term in the final draft of the new constitution,” it said.

FPCRN hailed the provision set forth in Article 55(d)(7) which states, “Consumer’s interest shall be safeguarded by controlling black marketing, syndicate, artificial scarcity and competition control and maintaining commercial transparency and discipline.”

Article 49 of the draft of the new constitution says, “Every consumer shall have right to get quality goods and services. Victim of loss incurred from substandard goods or services shall have right to compensation under the law.” FPCRN has urged the government and other stakeholders to fully implement the provisions.