Action sought against teacher accused of molesting girls

Kathmandu, January 27

Former students, along with the parents, today gathered on the premises of Lalitpur Secondary School, Lalitpur, and demanded action against the maths teacher who allegedly molested his students.

Students said due to the school administration’s negligence girls had to suffer at the hands of maths teacher Bodha Raj Tripathi ‘Basu’.

Vice-principal of the school Gita Sitaula said they had made a mistake by not taking action against the teacher on time. She also said that Tripathi had been suspended and further action would be taken after the school management committee’s meeting.

Sweta Thapa, a former student of Lalitpur Secondary Boarding School, accused Tripathi of molesting her.

“He used to grope girl students,” Thapa shared, adding that they were even scared of submitting their assignments to him.

Another former student Junu Shrestha said, “Every student of the school knew about the behaviour of Basu sir. We had even submitted a written complaint to the administration, but in vain,” shared Shrestha. She also said that school had assigned the task of addressing students’ complaints to Tripathi himself and he took advantage of position.

The issue came to the fore after one of the parents whose daughter is studying in Grade VI complained against the maths teacher.