All local levels to get public health nurses

Kathmandu, December 29

The Ministry of Health and Population is planning to appoint a nurse in each local level throughout the country.

According to Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Population Mahendra Shrestha, the ministry has decided to appoint public health nurses in all 753 local levels.

Shrestha informed that each local level will have a nurse under the health section for proper planning and monitoring of the health sector at local levels.

“Now every metropolitan city, sub-metropolitan city and municipality will have at least a nurse, along with health officers. In the same way,  rural municipalities will have a nurse, along with health assistants,” shared Shrestha.

Nurses will be appointed in six metropolitan cities, 11 sub-metropolitan cities, 276 municipalities and 460 rural municipalities.

Further, Shrestha said that every year more than 5,000 nurses were produced in the country, and the government move would provide employment opportunity to those nurses. According to World Health Organisation, 2.5 medical staff (Physician, nurses and midwives) per 1,000 population are needed to provide adequate coverage with primary care interventions.