Astrology meet from today

Kathmandu, April 1:

The Astro-Council, Nepal, is organising a three-day International Astrological Conference in Kathmandu starting tomorrow.

According to the organisers, around 650 participants from within the country and 10 other nations, including India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar and Thailand, will attend the meet. The programme will be the first of its kind in Nepal. It aims at providing a platform for astrologers from different countries to share their knowledge.

The conference will also see an exhibition of modern technologies used in the astrological calculation. International astrologers will teach their Nepali counterparts the use of different equipment that can bring about accuracy in the astrological calculation.

Addressing a press meet today, Dr Lok Raj Poudel, the president of the Astro-Council, said, “Although astrology started from the east, the west made much progress in this field because of the progress in science and technology. We aim to introduce Nepali astrologers to new technologies to keep pace with the west and make astrology more scientific.”

“Astrology has failed to gain professional legitimacy throughout the world. The conference will also demand recognition of the profession,” Poudel added.

He said an international code of conduct for astrologers will also be formed in the conference.

Astrologer Uday Niraula said the conference would help people in understanding that astrology is not a superstition, but a practical science that can have 99 per cent accuracy if correctly calculated.