Banmalas busy making garlands

Bhaktapur, October 17

People of the Banmala community in Tathali, Bhaktapur, are busy making garlands of globe amaranth to meet the demand of garlands during Tihar.

Floriculture is Banmalas’ traditional profession. Garlands made of globe amaranth are on high demands for Bhai Tika. Sisters prefer to garland their brothers with globe amaranth garlands on the day of Bhai Tika.

People of the Banmala community from Changunarayan Municipality-9, be they children, adults or old, are busy in making garlands and supplying these garlands to market.

“As many as 40 Banmala families in Tathali are busy plucking flowers, making garlands and taking them to market,” said Bishnu Banmala. Banmalas have grown flowers in one ropani to 10 ropani land.

Each family earns somewhere between 100,000 to 800,000 rupees by selling flowers and garlands during Tihar festival.

Ambika Banmala said she had made 30,000 globe amaranth garlands till date. A medium size garland of globe amaranth currently fetches up to Rs 100.

Marigold and globe amaranth flowers are cultivated for commercial purpose in Tathali. Gundu, Katunje, Chhaling, Dadhikot, Sipadol and Balkot. Flower and flower garlands worth Rs 50 million are sold in Bhaktapur annually.

Meanwhile, prices of flowers have increased by five times this year compared to the price last year.