Bhattarai doubts on timely statute

KATHMANDU: Vice-chairman of Unified CPN-Maoist Dr Baburam Bhattarai today expressed doubt over the drafting of new constitution.

“Characters who drafted ‘failed statute’ in 1990 cannot make new constitution of 2010,” Dr Bhattarai said during a function organised by the National Human Rights Concern Centre-Nepal. His remarks came a day after Nepali Congress leader Nilambar Acharya was elected chairman of the Constitutional Committee.

Dr Bhattarai claimed that the regressive forces had been trying to lead the nation backwards with the backing of foreign power centres and they were only acting to write a new constitution in the Constituent Assembly brought about by the sacrifices of thousands of people. He added that another people’s movement was essential to deal with regression and powers favouring status quo.

On Supreme Court’s order against the Vice President, he said it was just “a storm in a tea cup”. He added that people brought up serving the king were trying to impose feudal attitudes. “Judges who have failed to take decision on former army chief for the last five months are taking decisions on VP every week,” he said. Dr Bhattarai was for leading the nation towards federalism where all forms of discriminations based on ethnicity, class, gender and language would cease to exist.