Kathmandu, March 13

Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher Rana has underscored the need for all judges to perform their duties and responsibilities with honesty, integrity, diligence and accountability.

Issuing directives to chief judges of high courts and other judges thereunder today, he said that it was the need of the hour to act sensitively and with care to enhance and maintain the credibility of judiciary. Chief Justice Rana also directed the judges to effectively implement the prohibition on entry of middlemen into court premises and carry out its proper monitoring and regulation.

He mandated the judges to initiate action or recommend the same against any employee who did not observe the conduct of office and was involved in undisciplined acts.

Chief Justice Rana said that it would be better, if the judges focused their attention on preparation and management of their retirement in addition to arranging the documents of judgements or orders given by them instead of conducting hearing and issuing verdict till the last date of their retirement.

According to Section 9 of the Criminal Offence (Punishment Determination and Execution) Act, 2067, a judge shall have to determine the quantum of punishment within 30 days of any person convicted of crime. A separate hearing should be conducted by the concerned judge for determination of the punishment only if  s/he is dead, retired or is not able to perform his/her duties due to terminal disease. Bearing this mind, Chief Justice Rana directed the judges to act accordingly.

Similarly, Chief Justice Rana advised the judges to stay away from regular hearing of a case generally one month prior to their retirement to facilitate the managerial aspects of their retirement.