Letter seeking explanation delivered to leaders Madhav Kumar Nepal, Ghanashyam Bhusal, Surendra Pandey and Bhim Rawal


The CPN-UML has issued letters seeking clarification from four of its party leaders including former prime minister and former party chief Madhav Kumar Nepal.

The letters were signed by the party's General Secretary Ishwar Pokhrel.

Other leaders from which the ruling party has sought explanation are Surendra Pandey, Ghanashyam Bhusal and Bhim Rawal.

It has been learnt that the leaders have been given a three day ultimatum to furnish their clarification on their recent activities that the establishment has labelled as anti-party actions.

The Saturday meeting of the UML central committee had alleged the Nepal-Khanal faction of acting against the interest of the party and the government. The dissenting leaders had not attended the meeting.