Dakshinkali road blocked off as tanker-hit kills woman in Chobhar


KATHMANDU: The relatives of a woman who was killed in a road accident in Kirtipur Municipality-6 this morning have blocked off Dakshinkali road.

The deceased has been identified as 65-year-old Nanimaya Maharjan of Baghbhairab in Kirtipur Municipality-1.

According to duty officer at the Metropolitan Police Circle, Kirtipur, Constable Amar Singh BK, a water tanker (Ba 4 Kha 4571) heading to Taudaha from Balkhu collided with a motorcycle (Ba 81 Pa 5379) heading towards Balkhu, killing its pillion rider Maharjan, in front of Himal Cement Factory, Chobhar, at 8:30 am today. He said that the head part of the tanker had a collision with the rear part of the two-wheeler at a road turn.

It has been learnt that the motorcyclist, son of the deceased was unharmed in the fatal incident.

Although security personnel deployed from Metropolitan Police Circle have impounded the tanker and detained its driver for further investigation, the relatives of the accident victim have not allowed anyone to touch the body of the deceased and the wrecked two-wheeler. They have blocked the road demanding compensation and strict action against the heavy vehicle driver. Also, the vehicles to and from Dakshinkali are stranded in the obstruction.

Meanwhile, some other relatives of the deceased are holding a discussion with security personnel at the office of the Metropolitan Police Circle for a compromise solution.