DAO to regulate entertainment sector

Kathmandu, January 2

A meeting of Monitoring and Action Committee led by Kathmandu Chief District Officer Ram Krishna Subedi formed to prevent sexual harassment in workshop including dance restaurants and bars has made a multitude of decisions to regulate the entertainment sector.

As per the decisions taken during a meeting on December 29, the committee in association with Thamel Tourism Development Council and Restaurant and Bar Association Nepal will collect the details of hotels, dance bars, massage parlours and restaurants operating in the capital.

The details include registration number, registration agency, type of business, number of employees (female, male and children), terms and conditions of business, pay scale for work and others. The team has been assigned to collect the details within 15 days.

“As existing laws prohibit employment of children in hotels, dance bars, restaurants and other hazardous works, TTDC and REBAN will work towards ensuring that children are not employed in such places,” read a decision paper published by the Kathmandu DAO.