DCCs told to exercise delegated powers

Kathmandu, June 17

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration has directed all the district coordination committees to approve the terms of reference and report of Initial Environmental Examination regarding the collection and extraction of river products as per the powers delegated to them.

According to Environment and Disaster Management Section of the MoFAGA, it has already communicated the decision about the delegation of powers to all the DCCs and directed them to act accordingly. The power was delegated pursuant to the Environment Protection Act and Rules.

“The power to approve the terms of reference and report of IEE regarding the collection and extraction of river products shall rest with the DCCs till mid-July only. The concerned local levels shall be the proponent of IEE for the functions related to collection and extraction of river products for development activities,” the circular issued by the MoFAGA said. The IEE to be carried out by the local levels under the existing laws will be approved by the DCCs on the recommendation of a district-level IEE Review Committee led by the chief of the DCC office. The seven-member committee will discuss the IEE reports before recommending them to the DCCs for approval or disapproval.

According to the MoFAGA, the IEE report should include the details with site map, quantity, duration, equipment and method for collection or extraction of river products. The existing laws require any agency to include a geologist and environmentalist in its consultant group.

The concerned party is not allowed to carry out and submit the IEE report on a piecemeal basis. A copy of IEE report should be sent to the ministry within 15 days. The delegation of power is meant to facilitate the local bodies in post-earthquake reconstruction and other development activities, the circular said.