DNA tests help settle paternity disputes

Lalitpur, June 7:

DNA tests have helped settle cases and disputes related to paternity.

The National Forensic Science Laboratory (NAFOL) introduced the DNA testing system to Nepal a year ago.

NAFOL officials say it has helped solve disputes over paternity and taken many people out of torturous life. According to a record of the NAFOL, it has performed 100 DNA tests so far. Out of them, 70 per cent were ordered by the court.

Says Jiwan Rijal, executive director of the NAFOL, “The court forwards most of such cases for DNA tests before issuing final verdicts.”

According to regulations of district courts, DNA tests can be conducted to settle cases related to disputed paternity. “DNA tests are ordered in most of the cases related to paternal property,” says Krishna Ram Koirala, registrar of the Kathmandu District court.