Human Rights and Peace Society central president Krishna Pahadi today urged Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli not to murder the constitution while enjoying the power guaranteed by the same constitution.

Addressing the 17th anniversary of the society in Simara, Bara, Pahadi accused Prime Minister Oli of misusing the state and its power. "Parliament is the source of the government.

To set the Parliament ablaze is erroneous. The House of Representatives is in coma.

Let's see whether the apex court saves the statute. We will respect the court's verdict, though," he added.

Indicating both the neighbours, Pahadi argued that the northern neighbour was working to unite the ruling Nepal Communist Party while the southern neighbour India was actively dividing the party and creating instability. "But, we have to defend the country's sovereignty. People elected the Parliament for five years, but Oli misused his power and dissolved the Parliament unlawfully," Pahadi added.

Pahadi termed the dissolution of the House of Representatives unconstitutional and undemocratic. "It is wrong to put the Parliament on fire when you have issues inside your party," he added.

Pahadi said his society was forced to take to the street as Oli had threatened the Supreme Court, misused state power and suppressed the media and marginalised voices.