Elections going on smoothly in Kathmandu Constituency-7

KATHMANDU: The polling that opened as per the Election Commission schedule at Ichangu Sattal polling centre of Kathmandu Constituency-4 is going smoothly, according to election officers and volunteers.

More than 200 ballots were cast by by 8.30 am, the officials said.

The booths have been sufficiently staffed to facilitate the voters and the security personnel were highly alerted to ensure the security of voters.

Nepal Police personnel have been deputed in the inner most circle, while the Armed Police Force have been mobilised duty just outside the polling booths. Nepal Army soldiers formed the outer layer of security.

Officials said that individual voters were taking a little more time than 5 minutes to get through the four tiers of security.

Voters and volunteers were not allowed to carry their mobile phones or lighters inside the polling booths.

Likewise, the Bhairav Party polling centre in Kathmandu-7 has witnessed good footfall of voters.

According to Election Officials in Kathmandu 7 (A), Buddhi Bhatta, and Kathmandu Constituency 7 (B) Bishnu Prasad Paudel, the casting of votes has been going on in a smooth manner.

The election that started at 7:05 am has been going on smoothly. The security personnel have been frisking the voters and prohibited taking mobile phones and lighters among others while casting their votes.

As many as five ballots were cast till 8:30 pm.

Meanwhile, the first-time voters have felt that the ballot paper for proportional representation (PR) was complicated as it was big in size and a little confusing. Nevertheless, they seemed excited to exercise their franchise for the first time.