Five held with 1 kg ice drug

Kathmandu, October 3

The Narcotics Control Bureau has arrested five persons, including a woman, with one kilogram of amphetamine, which is also called ice drug, from different places of Kathmandu.

According to the NCB, Bhuwan Adhikari, 37, of Kaski and Naseem Akhtar Teli, 29, of Parsa were held in possession of the psychoactive substance from Samakhusi on Tuesday.

Acting on statements given by the duo, the narco cops rounded up Mohammand Akhtar, 28, of Parsa, Rajiya Khatun, 23, of Tanahun and Josang Liyana, 31, of India with 4.5 grams of amphetamine from Kalanki.

The NCB said the gang was active in smuggling and illegal trade of the drug. According to the NCB, Myanmar is one of the biggest producers of amphetamine and the drug was smuggled into Nepal from India. The seized drug weighs 682 grams which sells at approximately Rs 30 million in the international illegal drug market.

Amphetamine is a strong synthetic stimulant drug that is manufactured by pharmaceutical companies for medical use and by illicit laboratories for illicit trading. It is a drug that is used as stimulant and appetite suppressant. The drug stimulates a person to greater wakefulness and energy,  said the NCB.