Folk song creates buzz in Parliament too

Kathmandu, February 18

Folk singer Pashupati Sharma’s new song ‘Lootna sake loot Kanchha, aru deshma paidaina, Nepal mai ho chhoot’, today created a buzz in the House of Representatives too.

Lawmakers from both the ruling party and the opposition spoke in the Parliament about the song.

During zero hour, main opposition Nepali Congress lawmaker Amresh Kumar Singh appreciated Sharma’s efforts and declared that he would give Rs 25,000 from his salary to Sharma. Singh also said Sharma was a true jana-kabi (people’s poet).

Criticising the pressure exerted by the government to remove the song from Youtube, Singh, in a sarcastic tone, said that instead of singing these types of songs about the government with two-thirds majority, we should shut our mouth.

Sharma had removed his song from Youtube soon after Youth Association of Nepal, a youth wing of ruling Nepal Communist Party, allegedly threatened him.

Speaking after Singh, Nepal Communist Party lawmaker Jhapat Rawal said singer Sharma had sung the song in support of the Nepali Congress. He blamed that while Sushil Koirala from Nepali Congress was the prime minister, Sharma had come up with a song ‘Malai America yai, Malai Japan pani yai’ to present the then government in a positive light, but, he came up with ‘Lootna sake loot Kanchha, aru deshma paidaina, Nepalmai ho chhoot’ to defame the government by showing bleak picture of the country’.

In reply to NC lawmaker Amresh Kumar Singh’s declaration to provide 25,000 rupees to Sharma, Rawal said if Singh sang the same song, he would offer one month’s salary to him.